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Residence permit in UAE

The specialists of our company provide all services for company formation in the United Arab Emirates, obtaining resident visas for its owners and their family members.

A resident visa is issued for a period of up to 3 years with the possibility of further extension. Obtaining a residence permit in UAE for the owner of the company takes 1 month and in case of urgency, less than a month.

Obtaining a residence permit through the acquisition of real estate occurs in the case of the acquisition of real estate with a minimum value of 1 million dirham. A resident visa gives the right to reside in the country and open bank accounts.

Our customers prefer the option of obtaining residency through an investor visa, which is issued through the registration of a company for 3 years with the possibility of extension. No additional investment is required. Once customer has become a resident, further residency visas can be applied for family members.

In this case, the registered company is not obligated to conduct business or have bank account. In addition to obtaining a residence permit, doing business through the registration of a company is very profitable due to the absence of taxation on many activities and comfortable banking services.



Tax residency in UAE

Our company provides counseling and support services throughout the process of obtaining a tax residence. We are always glad to answer questions and provide all necessary information.

The UAE tax resident certificate is issued by the Ministry of Finance of the United Arab Emirates to both individuals and legal entities. Our specialists will be glad to assist in further details regarding tax residency in UAE and its features.

Certificates are issued to residents of the UAE and only for companies operating in the UAE for at least a year.



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