Dubai, UAE

Real estate acquisition in UAE

Our company’s specialists will navigate you and help choosing the most optimal and suitable option, check the sales contract and the reliability of a broker, provide you with the correct registration of the property and provide all the necessary services to resolve the issue of inheritance of the acquired property.

Owing to the Government of the United Arab Emirates, there is a clear legislative framework for registration of real estate, its purchase and buying settlement, selling and renting out real estate. Also, the strict control over developers helps reduce all possible risks associated with the acquisition of real estate under construction to almost zero.

By purchasing real estate in Dubai, you acquire developed infrastructure, attractive rental income and upside potential, favorable location, security and stability of income, minimal taxation, protection of rights and interests, clear and stable legislative framework.

The main advantages of acquiring real estate in UAE: ownership of real estate; lack of taxes on real estate income; developed tourism and business infrastructure; high demand for residential and commercial real estate and stable investment income.



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