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Company Formation

Our company provides a full range of consulting services and full support at all stages of company formation. We are always ready to assist in choosing the right legal form, place of registration, in registration of the necessary documentation and obtaining the required licenses. The creation and registration of companies in the United Arab Emirates is our main type of service.

Due to the number of favorable economic factors, business management will bring reasonable income from investment in setup of a new business and company formation. Developing business and tourism infrastructure, almost a full absence of taxes and low import duties make the United Arab Emirates an attractive environment for businessmen around the world.

Companies registered in the UAE are divided into Onshore (Free Zone Company); Offshore Company and Company registered outside the Free economic zone (Mainland Company).

The UAE has more than 40 different Free economic zones with own rules for setting up a business where an investor has more opportunities for business development.

Companies registered in UAE provide an opportunity for the prospective development of a business, obtaining a resident visa for an investor and members of his family.



Mainland Company

Company formation is the first step in setting up your own business in UAE. If you plan to carry out activities related to retail trade, open a restaurant business, provide consulting services, car rental services or want to open a medical center, then a Mainland company, registered outside the free economic zone will be suitable for you to obtain a license to carry out necessary activities without restrictions in the Free Economic Zone.

The main advantage of creating a mainland company is the expansion of business opportunities as well as trade with other mainland companies and work with government authorities.

According to a law for companies registered on the mainland, a foreign citizen can own no more than 49% of the company’s shares, the remaining 51% should belong to the investor and citizen of the Emirates. The most common legal form of companies in the Emirates is LLC Company (limited liability company). After the state registration of the company, the agreement between shareholders can be signed, according to which the investor refuses to manage the company and any claims for dividends.

Professional service companies can also be incorporated. In most cases, the founders and employees of such companies are required to prove their professional competence. The advantage of this legal form is that a foreign investor can own 100% of the capital. In this case, a prerequisite is the appointment of a citizen of UAE as an agent for relations with government authorities in UAE, who has the right to sign all public documents.



Free Zone Company

Registration in the Free Economic Zone of the United Arab Emirates is the most beneficial for companies planning to import and export of goods and services. The main feature of this type of company is 100% foreign ownership and the option to perform business inside and outside UAE.

Another advantage is the absence of customs duties and a simplified registration system.

In the UAE, there are many Free Zones that allow you to register a company with or without a real office. Investors and employees (if any) of companies operating in the FTZ can obtain a UAE resident visa.

More than 30 Free Economic Zones have their own specific requirements for the type of company and its business activities.

Advantages of creating a company in the free zone: 100% ownership of a share of capital, the absence of a sponsor from the UAE; Income tax optimization; Minimum import / export tax; Modern IT infrastructure.



Offshore Company

Registration of an offshore company in the UAE is not only a way to optimize business processes and opening a bank account used for international transactions, but also a unique opportunity to own real estate in the UAE or to act as founders of companies registered in the Free Economic Zones and on the UAE Mainland.

Registration of an offshore does not give the right to obtain a UAE resident visa and to carry out any activity in the Emirates. An offshore company has restrictions on working in the UAE, but there are no restrictions in conducting international operations.

An offshore company can be registered in three emirates:

Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA) in Dubai; RAKICC in Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman Free Zone in Ajman.



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