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Bank accounts in UAE

The financial sector of the United Arab Emirates is one of the three largest sectors in the Persian Gulf. Owing to the policies of the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates, UAE banks are among the most reliable in the world and have an impeccable reputation.

Compared to most European banks, UAE banks are characterized by low tariffs, high quality services and customer loyalty.

Our company will help you open bank accounts in the UAE, taking into account the necessary bank services, tariffs and the required minimum account balances.

A personal bank account for UAE residents can be opened at any bank without restrictions. Opening an account takes from several days to a couple of weeks, depending on the bank.

Opening a bank account for companies registered in the UAE is carried out as soon as the owner has become a resident and all the necessary documents are provided.

Also, owing to many years of experience in the financial sector and relations with trusted banks in Switzerland, Austria and Armenia, we provide bank account opening services in foreign banks.

If you do not have a company in the United Arab Emirates, our specialists will assist you in company formation and business setup.



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